Super Bloom Bulgarian Lavender Oil Treatment

Super Body Care

$ 25.00 

Treat your face and body with beauty made simple from just Coconut oil and Lavender in a bottle of real Helichrysum flowers. Enjoy the relaxing and floral aromatic properties of Bulgarian Lavender, the most floral full-bodied notes of all Lavenders, due to the high altitudes of the mountains and terroir where it grows.  

Apply to face as toner, and hands and body like a lotion. Gently and naturally, cleanse and swab away excess eye makeup by applying a small amount on a cotton pad or tissue. Apply daily under eye and at corners to nourish and moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes to keep bright and smooth. Use directly after shaving legs and bikini area to smooth and comfort freshly irritated skin.  Apply to freshly tweezed eyebrows.  Apply to skin that has been over-exposed to sun. And most of all, enjoy the beauty in the bottle.